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Following on from the launch of #excitableedgar the new Christmas advert for John Lewis, we wrote this for Whilton Locks Garden Village social media and shared it around before most people had seen the advert.
A huge boost for the reference to Ice Skating in the advert that we could capitalise on.

The post (reproduced below) received over 23,000 views within 24 hours. No bad, but interestingly not our most popular post of the week despite the appeal of Edgar who, in our opinion, has set John Lewis Christmas advertising back on track after a couple of iffy previous years. Once John Lewis trading figures are released in the first quarter of the new year we predict higher sales, not due to Brexit, the election or any other factors but due to a great advertising idea and execution.

The Post:
Our stunning ice rink opens this weekend and we offer an open invitation to (almost) all of you.

This year bring your family to the rink, it really is fun for all ages and abilities.
The daring and skilled can show off their moves and for those who are a little apprehensive we have twin bladed skates and shoe ice grippers.

For the younger ones there are push-a-long penguins, polar bears and sit on bananas. For the very young we allow (clean please) pushchairs on the ice.

We offer exclusive toddler sessions, exclusive sessions for SEN – with low numbers and low sounds AND FREE carer spaces, with SEN welcome at any other time too. The rink is wheelchair friendly at all times and the whole rink is available to hire for parties and groups.

With saver sessions available, peak and off peak times – even the prices are flexible for getting the most out of your Festive fun this year.

So, you see, the fun is available for everyone, except dragons, no dragons allowed on the ice, sorry.

We refer to, of course, the stunning John Lewis advert for this year (released today) have a look and enjoy.

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