IVY cottage colour

These old black and white photographs have been brought to life with the addition of colour. The building, known as Ivy Cottage, used to stand on the Standard Triumph factory site in Canley, Coventry. This photo, in pre-ivy days, was taken in the 1930’s when the building was first built. The start of the famous ivy can be seen freshly planted.black and white to colour
Ivy Cottage was the initial directors and office block for Standard Triumph. The building has since been demolished.

The archive of photos form part of the Standard Triumph Works Archive – an online database to document the workers – and the associated unwritten history of the area.
black and white to colourThe second photo dates from 1968, again the original was only available in black and white so we added the colour to the photo. Not too far from the Ivy Cottage building, this fire station was manned 24 hours a day and was used for any emergencies at the Standard Triumph car factory. Sadly, this building too has been demolished.