NHS Clap for Carers

Thursday 28th May #clapforcarers returned at 8pm, for the last time.The tenth week, was seen as the final time neighbours and communities come together to clap for our carers, for the NHS, for the key workers and all those who have helped others during these times.

Nick Price Creatives produced this tribute for Whilton Locks Garden Village to promote the last clap for carers along with the prompt;  “Let’s make it the loudest ever and feel free to like and share the clap out of this post!”

However, much earlier in the Covid crisis (dated April 18th), we produced this graphic based on the NHS logo.

Whilst we applaud the applause of the UK for the NHS for their incredible work, I’m sure most people would agree there have been years of underfunding and lack of appreciation of the NHS staff – by both Labour and Conservative governments – so we thought this initiative would be more warmly welcome by the heroes of the NHS. If any legacy, or positive could come out of the COVID-19 crisis then a proper thank you to the NHS is clearly well over due.

Clap for Carers NHS