wall mural Daventry

Measuring over 3 metres wide this large scale wall mural was produced and printing on to three strips of bespoke wallpaper.
The image, featuring our group photograph taken earlier in the year, was pretty complicated dropping the original background. In addition, the graphic panel illustrated the history of the company too with a number of images depicting events and achievements over the years. Not only was the physical size impressive but the digital file size was too at over 4 gigabytes!

“We LOVE it!! We hope all our customers, visitors and Facebook followers feel the same.”
Steam Traction World

So did they?

“Loving that, looks amazing. Well done” Paul David
“Very impressive.” Tony King
“That’s amazing!” Vicki Rogers
“Wow well done all. Looks great.” Linda Leaver
“Looks brilliant.” Lloyd Harrison
“Looks great, love the mural!” Steve Traill
“That looks fabulous.” Dave Buckley
“Makes the room pop.” Jordan Pedersen

With those comments, and many more, we think so!

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