A5 Roadworks

Whilton Locks Garden Centre winter wonderland was put in a frustrating situation with roadworks on the A5 suggesting road closures for the weekend – right on the Family Fun Day too – Santa would be sad!At the last minute the road was allowed to stay open and we could rejoice in that customers could freely get to the centre without delay. Noting the company name here’s what we wrote to announce to good news:

The Magic of Christmas!
Over the past few weekends the A5 has been closed for traffic from Kilsby to Whilton Locks, causing disruption to journeys for both our customers and staff.

This weekend sees Santa visit Whilton Locks Winter Wonderland, for the very first time this year in his magical grotto, and we told him about the roadworks and asked on this special weekend (our FREE Family Fun Weekend) if there was anything he could do. “Leave it with me.” He chuckled.

So today, Santa has sent us confirmation the A5 road will remain open all weekend (Hurray!) he phoned us too, this is what he said:
“I didn’t want anything spoiling the Whilton Locks Winter Wonderland and the opening of my grotto this weekend so I arranged that the Forkers kept the road open.”
At least that’s what we think he said, as the phone line to the North Pole was a little crackly! #Hohoho

The response was terrific!
The following week and the roadworks loomed again. This week the A5 would be shut. So here’s what we wrote:

The Magic of Christmas – Part 2
Last week, for the opening of the Grotto, we were so lucky in that Santa performed his magic and ensured the roadworks didn’t happen on the A5 and the road was fully open. Hurrah!

So we asked Santa again about this weekend but he said he was getting very busy (it is nearly Christmas after all!) but he’d ask his good friend Jack Frost to help us.

So we have just got off the ph-ho-ho-ne to Jack and this is what he said:

“My magic isn’t as strong as Santa’s so I wasn’t able to keep the A5 open this weekend however, I have sent a really cold chill so at least that’ll freeze the Forkers whilst they work.”
Well that’s what we think he said – the phone line was a little frosty!
Whilton Locks Garden Village​
Today: Santa, Skating, Singing (with Elsa) and so much more…

We look forward to this weeks news on the road and suspect a part 3!

UPDATE. We particularly liked this random post on Facebook, following Santa’s Magic…