Rough Furlough
Following on from our incredibly popular The Rough Furlough – here’s The Rough Furlough’s Child!

We have to admit we really love what we do and it seems, by the public reaction our work is achieving, so do you.

Here’s our copy:

One snowy night, so windy and wild,
was the scene for this new one: The Rough Furlough’s Child!
It’s based on a story, you have probably read,
(When the kids are bathed, so tired and ready for bed).
So this time the child, instead of the Dad
and a year – what a year – what disruption they’ve had!
There’s been the home teaching, a bit of a chore
and toys scattered everywhere – can’t see the floor!
Everyone has been there, including The Rough Furlough’s Child.
Devoid of their friends. Schooldays exiled. 🙁
People all say they have missed out such a lot,
Well let us tell you for Christmas we’ve got…
First there’s Ice Skating – it’s outside and real ice,
Great for fresh air and healthy – that’s nice.
It’s fantastic fun, a real family win,
and if they need some stability you can hire a penguin.
The Rough Furlough’s Child will have such a good time,
(But we do recommend that you pre-book online).
There’s Santa he’s here in a magical land
and that is not all – so much we have planned…
Like Anna and Elsa – they’ll sing and have tea
and everything’s backed with our Event Guarantee.
(So if you can’t go to a specific event,
you can cancel – and we’ll refund 100%).
There’s sizzling sausage with our St Nick,
But spaces are limited, so you’d better book quick.
There are amazing displays all around our site,
It’s Christmas, we’re festive – it’s celebrations done right.
There’s our Christmas Menu – serving hot food all day,
Something for everyone, that’s the Whilton Locks way.
So that’s almost it for this monologue,
Oh except Santa Paws – Christmas for your Dog!
So families together, the year reconciled,
It’s now time to celebrate with your Rough Furlough’s Child!

One week after the launch of The Rough Furlough’s Child, the post approaches an organic reach of almost 20k (19,327 at the time of writing). More importantly, an incredibly positive response to the initiative and with many brand new interactions from fresh potential customers.