The latest classic tale in the series based on CBeebies bedtime stories for Whilton Locks Garden Village.

Of course, there is a twist – and this one too, achieved an organic reach of 9,066 in just 24 hours.

Here’s the text:
Welcome to the very latest CBeebies Bedtime Story, er sorry, that should read WLGVees Bedding Time Story.
Imagine, if you will, a friendly face, wearing a comfortable sweater and cords, on a rocking chair. Well today that’s me and I’m reading the very latest story. Today’s story is called Seeking Beauty.

Oh, just before I begin, if you have been reading these to your children at bedtime, seriously, have you? I know events have sent everyone a bit cuckoo lately – but really? Well if you have, this story, may contain what seems to sound like two naughty words. See if you can spot them!! If you don’t spot them – well done. If you do, you are clearly naughty too!

In the meantime here’s Sleeping, sorry Seeking Beauty.
Once upon a time lived a King, a Queen and their beautiful daughter.
Elvis the King (shortened, to Elle, – so he wasn’t mistaken for the one with blue swede shoes), the Queen, Eleanor (never shortened – always Eleanor) and the Princess (no name really needed, I don’t know er… “Ellie”) were always looking for beautiful things.
Beautiful flowers, beautiful gifts, beautiful bedding plants (hence this silly series!), beautiful pet food(?!).
In this story, the Princess was looking to buy some beautiful garden furniture for the King and it WAS beautiful too: High quality, top quality Hartman. Lovely. The Princess was finding it difficult to choose between rattan or cast aluminium. Trouble was, at their usual outlet, the furniture was jolly, jolly expensive.
“Gosh, it’s really costly, for King Elle.” Exclaimed the Princess.
Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appeared and showed the Princess how she could save soooooo much money at Whilton Locks Garden Village.
“How do you feel?” asked the Fairy Godmother (I’m not sure that’s the right story – but keep with me!) “Seeing how you can save so much on like-for-like garden furniture compared to those, you know, chain stores?”
“Well I felt a bit of a prick,” said the Princess and with that fell asleep (well, probably more like fainted due the savings that could be found on the products that were EXACTLY the same).
The Princess was placed on a rather nice rattan set, by Hartman, and waited for the handsome Prince; Whilton of Locks.
The Prince saw the beautiful Princess and muttered “Another one,” and he bent down, gave the dosey Princess a kick and waved the latest WLGV garden furniture price list at her. The Princess woke up with a start. “Jesus Christ!” she shouted.
“Wrong story, Princess,” smoozed the Prince “perhaps though, the greatest savings ever told?”
The Princess looked at the prices and couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Amazing!” she proclaimed. “Whilton. Will you marry me?”
“No sorry,” said the Prince sadly, “I can’t, I have a quest to ensure nobody ever overpays for their garden furniture. Now, I must leave you as we have a delivery for Rapunzel and, to be honest, I’m dreading the stairs.”
So if you like to save money – perhaps you are interested in not paying out princely sums – why not give WLGV a try for your garden furniture? Top quality, great service and no fairytale huge prices.
The End. Goodnight!

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