The second story for Whilton Locks Garden Village.

WLGVees Bedding Time Story.
Hello, I’m Tom Hardy (use your imagination again – you did last time). I’m still smouldering and I can still melt chocolate just by looking at it. Are you sitting comfortably?
If you haven’t fainted, I’ll begin…
This story is called Whiltonlocks and the Three Bears.
Whiltonlocks skipped through the countryside in Northamptonshire and came across a delightful garden centre.
Whiltonlocks didn’t realise the garden centre was the home to a family of bears. There was a teeny-sized Baby Bear, a medium sized Mama Bear and a huge sized Papa Bear.
The three bears had headed off for a walk somewhere or other.
Whiltonlocks headed into the garden centre. The first thing she noticed was a wonderful smell coming from the Canalside restaurant.
Whiltonlocks couldn’t resist.
First she tried the all day breakfast.
“Delicious,” she said. “So tasty.”
Next Whiltonlocks tried a super homemade roast dinner.
“Fantastic,” she exclaimed. “Such great value.”
Then Whiltonlocks looked at the homemade cakes and licked her lips.
“So tempting,” she took a bite from one of the creamiest cream cakes she had ever seen. “Mmmmm – marvellous.”
Whiltonlocks was curious to the rest of the site and wandered to the garden furniture.
First she sat on a rattan chair.
“Hmm,” she said. “So comfortable.”
Then Whiltonlocks tried a wooden bench.
“Oooh,” she squealed. “So delightful.”
Finally, she sat on an aluminium garden chair, part of a set of six.
“Ahhhh,” Whiltonlocks oozed. “So versatile.”
Next Whiltonlocks went to see the amazing plant area.
First she looked at the hardy annuals.
“Beautiful,” she exclaimed. “Such choice.”
Then Whiltonlocks saw the super shrubs.
“A huge choice,” she noticed. “Great prices too.”
After she saw all the bedding plants.
“Superb,” she nodded. “Such wonderful colour.”
The three Bears returned from their walk (probably along the Canal tow path!)
“Someone’s been eating the all day breakfast,” said Papa Bear
“Someone’s been eating the homemade roast dinner,” said Mama Bear
“Someone’s been eating the homemade cakes,” said Baby Bear. “And they are so amazing.”
Papa Bear and Mama Bear looked at Baby Bear. “What a clever bear you are,” they said.
“I like cake!” gushed Baby Bear.
The three Bears went to the garden furniture
“Someone’s been sitting on the rattan chairs,” said Papa Bear
“Someone’s been sitting on the wooden benches,” said Mama Bear
“Someone’s been sitting on the aluminium furniture,” said Baby Bear. “And they are the best prices for miles – which is why Whilton Locks Garden Village deliver all around the country!”
Papa Bear and Mama Bear looked at Baby Bear. “What a smart bear you are,” they exclaimed.
“Not as smart as the savvy customers, saving on their garden furniture,” confirmed Baby Bear.
The three Bears, went into the amazing plant area.
“Someone’s been looking at the hardy annuals,” said Papa Bear
“Someone’s been looking at the super shrubs,” said Mama Bear
“Someone’s been looking at the beautiful bedding plants,” said Baby Bear. “And they are the best value and quality in the area.”
Papa Bear and Mama Bear looked at Baby Bear. “Yeah, all right you on commission?” they queried.
Baby Bear blushed.
The Three Bears saw Whiltonlocks over by the water displays.
When Whiltonlocks saw the Three Bears, she squealed.
“What’s the matter?” Asked Papa Bear
“I’ve seen so much, it won’t all fit in my car,” said Whiltonlocks sadly.
“We have delivery,” said Baby Bear. “Direct to your door.”
And they all lived happily ever after.