Key Worker Kids

We have to admit this idea came from two simple factors – one that the stock of Easter Eggs was going to be wasted due to the Easter Egg Hunt being cancelled due to Corona Virus – and two, that we always look to make a difference, to be different – unique.

A Very Special Appeal for Very Special People. Can you help?

We are hearing so much about Key Workers – mostly directed to the NHS and the incredible responsibility, dedication and professionalism they are showing during this COVID-19 crisis. They are awesome. Equally awesome are the Emergency Services, Care Workers, Teachers, Social Workers, Delivery Drivers, Essential Shop Workers, Call Centre Operators, Posties, Utility Workers (Gas, Water, Electricity etc), Local and National Government Workers and all those helping others during this time. All awesome, all key workers and all with kids at school, when all the other kids are at home. We wondered what we could do for these Key Worker Kids – and we thought you might like to help too.
We have put together a Key Worker Kids pack and we’ll deliver one (that is sold) to each Key Worker Kid at a local school or nursery that is looking after them. We’ll randomly choose a number of Schools/Nurseries – It’s Happy Easter’s all around.

Each pack contains:
A Premium Easter Egg (yum), a Planting Pack (something to do) – compost, seed packs, pots, – and a pebble (something else to do; a bit of a trend is to paint them) and your love. You can add a special message too, to the child.

We have just 300 packs for Key Worker Kids, and each pack costs £5. You can order one, online HERE: (URL removed)

What we’ll do:
We’ll add your name/details on our “Easter Egg Roll of Honour” on our website (you can choose to remain anonymous, if preferred) and state where the packs went. We’ll deliver them free to the chosen school – ensuring every kid gets one – and do it all contactlessly. It’ll be like the Easter Bunny has sent something special – on behalf of you. We’ll also love you forever. We’d offer you a virtual hug today and a real hug when all this COVID-19 is over and our store re-opens.

So can you be awesome too? Can you spare a fiver to say Happy Easter to a Key Worker Kid? Go on, it would be eggs-ellent if you could.

If you can afford £5 today, please buy a Key Worker Kid pack now, if you can’t afford it, please help by caring and sharing this post.
Thank you.

#keyworkerkid #thankyou

We’d also love any local schools/nurseries to get in touch to suggest they benefit from this appeal. We have a number of local schools on our database (from the recent free seeds giveaway, for instance) but invite anyone to suggest a school/nursery where the kids are currently still at school. Feel free to nominate a school/nursery or TAG a representative and invite them to get in touch. Thank you.

UPDATE: Thank you for all the nominations for Schools/Nurseries – we’ll put them all into a hat and pull them out at random from Monday.


The online social media campaign organically reached over 15,000 people. From all the nominations and goodwill purchases by the public, we were able to deliver 3 lots of Key Worker Kids packs to 3 schools prior to Easter – Brookhurst Primary, Leamington Spa, Harpole Primary, Northampton and The Grange School, Daventry. Every child, at those schools, that day of delivery got a pack – Eggs-cellent stuff!