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It was reacting so quickly to the changes and challenges of Corona Virus that we were able to enable a local Garden Centre to sell directly online, with their new website adapted to the crisis in less than two weeks.  However good your website is though, however many products you add, you’ll never sell anything without great, innovative, consistently high quality marketing. That’s where Nick Price Creatives can help.
From a marketing point of view, the Corona Virus offered a unique, unprecedented opportunity to target people who headed online, as opposed to the closed High Street. That said, the new competition online was intense. With more people online, we noticed a slowdown of internet speeds and a huge increase in spam and scams, did you too? We had to be ahead of the game, compete for every view and every sale. We had to be pro-active, creative and we worked every single day during the main lockdown, including Easter Sunday. Every single day, all under lockdown, all under strict social distancing. Amazing. To be honest, as we look back, we are shattered however, we can now look at some of the figures.

We obviously can’t disclose sales due to customer confidentialty however we can simply say incredible figures in incredible times. We can take an insight into the some of the marketing figures Nick Price Creatives achieved, which will indicate the level of success our numerous, consistent marketing achieved.

There were over 240,000 unique visitors to the new website.
On Social Media new Likes increased by 11.2% Nick Price Creatives really upped the game with the March April May average being 5,879 people per day, visiting the company Facebook page. In comparison, Dec, Jan, Feb (including a very busy December!) saw an average of 3,871 people per day.
That is a 51.9% increase.

We paid for just one post/advert on Facebook – a Mothers Day hamper offer which comes in as the top viewed/reacted post. That said, the paid-for didn’t result in the highest numbers – the quality/value of the hamper prize and subsequent shares and comments did! Here’s the Top Ten campaigns.

1. Win Mother’s Day Hamper: 30k views
2. Rough Furlough: 25k views
3. Look East TV Filming: 21.9k views
4. Key Worker Kids: 15k views
5. Delivery Service – with a Smile: 12.3k views
6. Good News (23rd April, Smartypantsideenbessermachen): 7.3k views
7. Buzz Lightyear: 6.5k views
8. NHS Clap for Carers: 6.4k views
9. Our Most Common Questions – Do You Deliver? 6.3k views
10. Good News (7th April, Barbie Wedding Photography): 4.8k views

All figures are for one singular post/entry. Delivery Service – with a Smile with multiple, repeated posts actually achieved the highest gross figure after being shown and promoted multiple times with a figure of over 50,000! Similiarly, all the Good News posts added together would account in excess of 50,000 views too!

All figures reflect from March 23rd to June 6th.
Blowing Our Own Trumpet.